Where's Rudolph?

Where's Rudolph?

5PM- 10PM

Rudolph with Your Nose so Bright, Won’t You Give Some CASH Tonight?


FRIDAY'S at Thief River Falls, SATURDAY'S at Red Lake and Warroad


1 entry for every 25 base points earned. Give our game board a good Christmas punch to reveal a reindeer! You’ll have three chances to find Rudolph, and you could win:

Dasher: $50

Dancer: $100

Prancer: $200

Vixen: $300

Comet: $400

Cupid: $500

Donner: $600

Blitzen: $750

RUDOLPH: $1,000

The chosen winner will have 3 minutes to report to the Player’s Club. If the patron does not show up within the time frame given, another patron will be drawn until an hourly winner is found. The winner will be directed to the punchboard where they will be given three chances to select a space and find Rudolph. When the amount in the first space punched is revealed, the patron will decide to keep that amount or move onto the next space. If the next space is chosen, the amount from the first space is forfeited. If a third space is chosen, the amount from the second space is forfeited. The amount from the third punch is the amount won, if player chooses to progress to all three punches.

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